University of Algarve offers Choices with Hanspeter Ammann

Taking advantage of the presence Hanspeter Ammann’s presence in Portugal, for the launch of his most recent photographic book, Rocco, CIAC offers a unique opportunity to hold a workshop on the creative process with this renowned artist and filmmaker.

Choices, the workshop with Hanspeter Ammann, emerge as part of CIAC’s international project, Cultural Adventures – exploring connections, transactions and interactions between South-West Europe and Southeast Asia, developed by CIAC in collaboration with the University of Technology of Architecture and Design of King Mongkut Thonburi, in the areas of visual communication and digital art, with mediation and collaboration of the audiovisual artist Hanspeter Amnann.

In the first part of the Workshop we will have the opportunity to assist the première of the film SUNDAY performed by the artist in Portugal in 2018, with the participation of Isabel Ruth and Joãozinho Costa. In the second part we will explore the kinds of choices that we make when we develop creative projects. How do we choose what to do and why? In which ways do our backgrounds, histories and cultures frame our creative choices? How aware are we of the factors that affect the choices that we make?

Hanspeter is currently working on film and book projects in Portugal, Isaan and Malaysia. For many years Hanspeter has acted as an advisor for SOA+D’s MfA Visual Communication.

The Workshop will take place on October 19, Friday, in the Auditorium 1.4 of the Pedagogical Complex of Penha Campus, between 2:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. The admission is free, but pre-registration is needed here. It confers certificate of participation.

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